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You wanted to know the rest of the story so we delivered. In the 2ND Edition of F.E.A.R (Forget Everything And Reset) Author, Hussain Abdullah shares updates to the stories most frequently asked about since its debut just over 2 years ago.


F.E.A.R. is...businessman and entrepreneur, Hussain Abdullah's debut self-empowerment book. It was written with the mindset of encouraging individuals to realize the strength of their own minds. So often, we are held back from pursuing our happiness and dreams because we are afraid. 


In "F.E.A.R.", Abdullah shares personal stories of growth, overcoming defeat, and reaping the benefits of smart investments. This book is for anyone who dares to break free from a negative mindset and is ready to make empowering moves for their future.



F.E.A.R 2ND Edition - Ebook

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