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What is "Lazy Money"?

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Lazy Money is what we call money isn't working for you. If your money is sitting in a non interests or low yield checking or savings account or if you have it in your closet or under your mattress you are living with Lazy Money. We can change that...


We would like to introduce you to BUSY MONEY! BUSY MONEY is when your money is working for you. At HA Homes we can put your money to work or we can teach you how to invest your cash.

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How can my money work for me?

At HA Homes we offer our stakeholders a range of investment opportunities ranging from discount prices on renovated investment property for the consumer who might be interested in buying and holding.

We also offer discounts on distressed properties for the investor who is looking to rehabilitate a property for a quick turn around.

Sound like a lot of work? For our clients who are looking for hands free options you can sit back and collect passive income through our fixed or variable return investments.

Why should I invest with HA Homes?

Just ask our clients


Over 130


Let's get BUSY

Do you offer property management?

If you are interested in renting a property or you are an owner looking for a property manager we would gladly refer you to agencies like MCG Homestead that would be glad to assist you.

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